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Easy Redmine is based on WBS, Gantt, SCRUM, Kanban, and other best PM practices. It is extensible with modules for Resources, Finances, Help Desk, B2B CRM, and DevOps toolset.
A cost-effective alternative is to use an all-in-one project management platform. However, when opposed to using only one medium that has all you need, using several platforms for different jobs and functions would result in more significant membership expenses. A system like this would also save you the time and effort of maintaining various memberships and keeping track of all the features, purchases, and further payments that you might need to make in the future.
Both On-Premises and In the Cloud
Project management teams can use these versions to create a roadmap, use task boards, generate tickets and issues, plan sprints, and combine agile boards and Gantt charts. You can manage your projects and boost productivity and collaboration among teams whether you utilize a cloud or on-premises technology.

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On-premise solution

Upgrade Redmine on your server to increase user satisfaction and efficency in both traditional and agile management.

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Pick the best option for your upgrade and get the most advanced Redmine instantly in a global & secure cloud.

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We are establishing a special system for you, not a package program, with solutions and adaptation consultancy tailored to the specific needs of each sector and each company.


We are with you in all steps of digitalization in your company. From process analysis to delivery of a working system, let's achieve together
For a sustainable system, we are with you at every step after the project delivery.

All you need, organized in one place

Easy Redmine is based on WBS, Gantt, SCRUM, Kanban and other PM best practices. Resources can be expanded with Finance, Help Desk, Business Intelligence, and DevOps toolkit modules.
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VAVIO Integration is here to provide you with professional services such as project management customization, support, regular webinars and e-learning.
The best PY tools
Gantt, WBS, Earned Value, Kanban, SCRUM, Resource Management and more - all integrated and working for you and your team
Easy to Use
Automatically set up permissions and streams with one click. Suitable for any business with 15 predefined roles and dashboards
Fast access
Solutions for data centers located around the world and for your own server guarantee top-notch response times anywhere.

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