Agile Resource Management

A brand new module for a clear top-level assignment of teams and users to projects, including built-in skill management. Experience harmony in projects, teams, and people collaboration at your fingertips. Handle your resources in an agile way. This module represents the next-level optimization for your resources.

It is a tool for professional planning and assignment of work in Easy Redmine. Managers can assign work with regard to real-time capacities of workers and estimated time for task realization. Resource management allows balancing the workload while keeping schedules of the projects.
Key features:
  • Easy and visual
  • Without barriers or requiring permissions
  • Focus on scope and time – you have time and scope defined, and you need to do the best you can within the time frame
  • Ability to add people to a project based on skills
  • Ability to add people to a team or to a project based on seniority level
  • Resources unit not only as an individual but also as a team, a Team view showing who is included
  • Allocating a project to a team
  • Borrowing a person from my team to another project, visualize when one person is working on two projects simultaneously
  • Prioritization on PMO, PM, and PPM levels
  • Show vacation and sick days connected to our attendance plugin
  • Sprint visualization

The implementation of Agile Resource Management:
  • Global overview of resource allocation
  • Clear overview of allocation conflicts and clashes
  • Ability to create teams based on skills and seniority
  • Ability to react quickly to lack of resources due to vacations

Our favorite functions of Agile Resource Management

  1. Skills management – team member allocation to a project based on skills and seniority
  2. Team creation – team members can be put together into one team where various skills and seniority are combined
  3. Project allocation to teams – assignment of teams to projects
  4. Overview of conflicts & parallel work – everyone easily sees conflicts and clashes
  5. Events – you will always see the most important events, global for all portfolios or per project

As the client sees it:

Jan Řeřicha

Head of PMO
"Thanks to Agile Resource Management, we are moving towards having all projects in the company visualized in one place. It serves us as kind of a road map that has almost all the information we need to realize the product vision. During review and planning, everyone in the PMO can clearly see when we want to implement each project and if we have enough resources for this to happen."