When it comes to supporting the team in coordinating tasks, long-term projects and goals, the use of project management software is obligatory. This is the only way to transparently map individual planning steps and tasks and organize projects without losing an overview of the respective status, counteract problems in time and ultimately also meet deadlines.

There are many project-management tools on the market. Some are free and offer useful features for time tracking, reporting and team coordination. Many of these tools are open source and have a community that administers, develops and supports them. Depending on the requirements and budget, however, it is advisable to choose a professional project management solution that can not only be adapted to your own needs and processes. It is also important to have reliable support that can be reached immediately in the event of questions and problems and can provide further assistance so that ongoing operations do not have to be interrupted for an indefinite period of time.

In addition, your own requirements should be compared with the features of the software, as not every solution is equally suitable for every industry.

  • Should agile project management methods such as Scrum or Kanban be supported?
  • On which devices and platforms will the software be used?
  • Are in-house resources and skills available to set up and customize the solution?
  • Do you need to migrate data from another tool?
  • Are an appealing interface and intuitive operation important to you?

To help you find the right project management software, we have compared three popular tools: Jira, Redmine and Easy Redmine.


Jira software offers numerous functions for agile project management and especially for teams in software development. With features such as roadmaps, Scrum and Kanban boards and the numerous customization options, tasks can be distributed and implemented efficiently. However, the high level of complexity of the software must be taken into account, which poses great challenges for inexperienced users in particular and makes a quick start difficult. The high costs of the data center variant can also be an exclusion criterion if use in the cloud is not possible for legal, business or security reasons.

Jira software from Atlassian is certainly one of the most popular project management tools for agile software development. 


With Jira software, there are no limits for agile teams. Whether Kanban boards or the planning of Scrum sprints - Jira offers all tools to support agile project management in software development. 

Especially inexperienced users find it very difficult to get started, as it is easy to get lost in the tool and its numerous functions. An intensive onboarding process is required when new employees join the project, which should not be underestimated. Ideally, in addition to an agile coach or a scrum master, there is also an Atlassian expert in the team to take over the administration of Jira and to keep an eye on the processes. Also, the migration from other project management systems to Jira is complex.


Redmine is a flexible and free open-source web application written on the Ruby on Rails framework. It is available across platforms and databases and its user interface is translated into around 50 languages. Redmine can be flexibly provided and hosted, for example, on one’s own web server or externally as software-as-a-service.


It is easy to see that Redmine was created primarily for software development processes. For example, the installation of the tool requires experienced developers who are familiar with Debian, MySQL and Apache. 

Redmine offers the user a lot of freedom and can also be used to administer project management outside of software development - provided one is capable of doing so oneself and has knowledge of the Ruby on Rails framework. If not, a professional must be hired to install, customize and administer the tool. Here, too, problems can arise.

While professional software manufacturers offer customer support, with Redmine you have to rely on the help of the community, which helps you free of charge, but not in a binding and reliable way. In the worst case, a problem can last several days until a solution can be found. The tool also has weaknesses in terms of documentation.


Easy Redmine 12 is an open source upgrade for Redmine and extends it with many important plugins and features for classic and agile project management. These include Gantt charts for visualizing project tasks, a fast project planner for ad-hoc projects, time tracking for manual and automatic time recording, but also various dashboards for displaying certain key figures. Agile tools such as Scrum and Kanban boards are also available, as well as a help desk for managing customer tickets.


Easy Redmine can be used flexibly as a project management tool in software development. It also offers financial and resource management functions through modules, which can be used to coordinate personnel planning, travel expenses, attendances and project budgets. The B2B CRM tool helps with lead, account and partner management and is therefore also interesting for sales managers.

Easy Redmine is used by more than 3500 companies and over 300,000 users worldwide. The tool can be run both in the cloud and on-premises, i.e. on the company’s own server. 

An enterprise version with additional services and a server license are available on request. Easy Redmine is basically compatible with every Redmine version, which is why an upgrade is possible without any problems. It also offers various integrations and migration options from Microsoft Project and Excel, Jira or Asana.

As with other project management tools, inexperienced users must first find their way around, which requires a certain training period. Accordingly, training on the tool is recommended in order to use the full potential of the software. In addition, the graphical interface is very different from the Redmine interface. Those who have worked with Redmine for a long time will also have to adjust here.


The new Easy Redmine 12 brings you unique project management features while keeping things clear and under your control.

Easy Redmine 12 is a practical upgrade to Redmine. It not only provides users with some important project management features, but also a modern interface that increases usability and user experience compared to Redmine. With its numerous functions, Easy Redmine combines agile project management, but also sales processes, finance and resource management in one tool. However, due to the abundance of possibilities, inexperienced users will initially need time to familiarize themselves and possibly also training.

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