3 Reasons Why to Upgrade Your Redmine to the Easy Redmine

The Easy Redmine 12 is the first Redmine solution ever to run on Rails 6, which makes it both fast and stable. However, the upgraded performance is just one of the top three improvements – see how you can benefit from them in your everyday project, company, and team management.

1. Fast, intuitive, and visually attractive interface

To get a faster response to your actions or requests, the 12 version runs on the most advanced technologies – Ruby 3.0, Rails 6, and Sidekiq among others. Therefore, when processing large amounts of data within projects or tasks, it can easily keep up pace with your style of work. What is more, when searching for tasks, the results will display quickly thanks to the Dynamic Filters.
To make your work more enjoyable, Easy Redmine 12 is visually different from Redmine from the ground up – it has a user interface. Not an ordinary one though: intuitive, user-friendly, and more inviting to cooperate and manage projects. But no worries – no fancy futilities, just features that make sense.

"Easy Redmine 12 is visually different

to Redmine from the ground up – it has

a user interface."

2. All under one roof + something extra for outdoor

Why would you divide your work into five or six tools? It is just faster and more comfortable to have them all in one in the  Easy Redmine 12:
  • Clear Gantt Chart for a better task-in-time organizing
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) for mind map-like visualization of the whole project
  • Agile board for Kanban or SCRUM
  • Tools for time-tracking and reporting
  • Complete set of tools for the resource management
  • Predefined (but customizable) dashboard for your company's Portfolio Managers
And the App. We believe that basic PM tasks (commenting on/creating new tasks, time tracking) can be done from wherever. With the Easy Redmine, we also come up with a new native mobile app. See it in more detail in this quick blog.

3. Easy upgrade, easy integrations

It is as simple as this: whatever software you use, upgrading to Easy Redmine 12, and integration with any other tool, is easy. (For instance, you only need two clicks to integrate with GitLab, plus the new Easy Redmine 12 runs on Azure, which makes it perfect for you if your company uses the tools from Microsoft.)
We are there for you to help with both the upgrade and the integration – we adjust and customize Easy Redmine 12 to your specific business and workflow needs. You do not have to back off at any challenge – once you start working with Easy Redmine 12, you can always count on our 100% support.

In conclusion

Over the years, Easy Redmine has become the perfect Redmine upgrade for managing tasks, projects, and even whole companies. Easy Redmine is trusted by the top players in different industries all over the world as well as medium-sized businesses and teams. The newest upgrade – Easy Redmine 12 – brings you the three things every manager wishes to have:
(1) The most wanted project management tools
(2) in a modern user interface
(3) running smoothly on Rails 6.

Make your work easier, faster, and more efficient by upgrading to Easy Redmine 12. On top of that, get 100% support – we will help you not only with upgrading and integration with other tools but also with any challenge that may come your way.