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Hardware and software requirements (Server version)
Easy Redmine is a complex web application with a number of technical dependencies that allow it to run smoothly. There are vast operating systems, database servers, utilities, etc. In order to achieve optimal performance and functioning overall we handpicked a specific set of supported components.
If you are using or are interested in Cloud solution, this article is not almost irrelevant for you.
Easy Redmine Installation on Server
This guide will show you how to install Redmine or Easy Redmine from scratch using Redmine Installer Gem. As ever you need to have proper software and hardware/server configuration.
A prerequisite for installing is to have a Redmine or Easy Redmine package downloaded on the server. This package is available in the client zone. If you do not know your login credentials to the client zone, contact us via web chat (right bottom corner icon) or reach us on our support contacts.
Updating existing Easy Redmine
This guide applies to those who have installed Redmine and want to upgrade to Easy Redmine. The same steps are also used to install updates on existing Easy Redmine. This guide instructs you how to use Redmine Installer gem in order to upgrade your Redmine. 
What is the difference between consulting and customer support?

  • Paid service
  • Primary contact during implementation
  • System configuration based on customer requirements
  • Revision and reconfiguration for existing customers
  • Client training
  • Integration/data import/data migration
  • Custom development requests – analysis, testing, internal development project coordination

Customer support:
  • Primary technical service to clients:
  • Resolving basic technical issues (L1 support)
  • Online Chat – basic technical support
  • Resolving application outages
  • Client Zone troubleshooting and access issues
  • Resolving all error messages (error 500, 403, etc.)
  • Solving "where can I find" queries or queries related to general application settings
  • Providing a reference link to available documentation for comprehensive how-to questions
  • Assisting clients reporting bugs, custom branding, and custom development request
  • Assisting in case of client's server issues (paid service if Server Support L2 engagement is required)
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